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Advantages Of Pine Bark Extract


Pine bark extract is a natural antioxidant and is a very powerful ingredient. This herb has some wonderful medicinal properties that have over time helped very many people Find below some merits of pine bark extract.


Pine bark extract has the ability to help diabetic patients and this is one of the merits that comes from it. It has some effects that lowers the levels of blood glucose and improves endothelial function. The pycnogenol in pine bark extract is therefore very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.


Another benefit of the pycnogenol pine bark extract is that it helps in prevention of hearing loss. The pine bark extract is a natural ear infection medication which prevents hearing loss and improves balance. This is so because pine bark extract has a high presence of antioxidants.


Yet another benefit is the fact that it helps decrease erectile dysfunction. Many men suffer in silence from erectile dysfunction and often rush after other clinical and medical solutions. Synthetic solutions have other side effects in the long run but pine bark extract gives a solution without having any side effects. The sperm count usually increases greatly after about 16 weeks of treatment which leads to the conclusion that pycnogenol pine bark extract gets the job done with side effects whatsoever.


Because during surgery your immune system is susceptible to infections, you are vulnerable to infections. Pseudomonas infections are what such patients are prone to especially if enough care is not taken at the hospital or even at home. Even healthy people are prone to such infections as long as they are exposed to them. Apart from hospitals, you find these bacterial in swimming pools that are not chlorinated the right way. It has been found that the pine bark extract fights against such infections by limiting the growth of these bacteria.


The sun is essential for the skin because of vitamin D but again, it can be dangerous because ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage your skin. Everyone wants to have beautiful skin but the ultraviolet rays of the sun is a problem many find hard to deal with. The oil from the pine bark works to ensure that your skin is protected and has a defense against these rays.


This pine bark extract also works against oxidation because it is an antioxidant. The free radicals that would otherwise cause disease are destroyed by the antioxidant in the pine bark extract. Inflammation is another thing that is caused by oxidation, this is also something that the oil will fight against.